- 5.05% annual interest

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    Does anyone use them for an online savings account? I checked out the website and it offers a 5.05% annual interest. Does anyone use them?

    Any help would be great!
  2. and Umbrellabank is internet only ?

    What are the most popular internet banks that accept non-US
    citizens or residents ?
  3. I didn't know about umbrella, hmm. I have a bunch of money at immigrant direct, but I get like 4.65 apy there I believe.
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    I meant for this offer, all of the banking has to be online. I checked Umbrella Bank but only saw information on money markets and such, not on a basic savings account with annual interest.
  5. I have had a savings account with HSBC for about 3 months with no problems.

    If I remember correctly, it took, maybe, two weeks to open the account. I completed the online application and after it was approved, they sent me my account access info in two different snail mails a few days apart for security. I liked the security aspect, but it does delay the opening process.

    I have made one bank to bank transfer and it took two or three business days.
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    I've opened an HSBC account recently too. It takes a bit longer then ING (which I have been using up until now), but their payout is better then ING's 4.35 vs 5.05 and they give you an ATM card.

  7. I used HSBC online saving for over a year. Very good, adjust the rate month. You can even link the saving to your atm, which I do not recommend. I like it un-link, so if I happened to left my atm card at the machine and someone look over my should and got my pin,my money still save. They can only get what's in my checking, which isn't much
  8. What's the difference between savings and money market account? Umbrella also offers checking and CD.
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    I have found this site quite useful when looking for the best rates available, as well as the pros & cons posted by potential and existing customers on their message boards:
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