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  1. Since it is that time of year, with most high schools having graduations for their seniors this coming weekend and next, I find it most disheartening to learn that only 70% of the kids that start out in the 9th grade, graduate on time here in California, and only 1 in 4 are able to go on to graduate with a grade of "C" or better in the courses required to qualify for the University of California and California State University systems.

    It's very puzzling to me how many parents just don't take much of an interest in what is going on in their children's schools these days. Very unfortunate.

  2. waggie,

    Did you catch what Bill cosby had to say?
  3. Sorry AAA, I missed it.
    What did Bill have to say?
  4. He made reference to the dropout rate. I'm not sure if it was part of that awards speech he gave that left the other black "leaders" stonefaced or if it was part of a followup radio interview. Basically, he is laying it on the parents of these kids for not insisting on academic performance and being willing to spend big bucks on sneakers but not on stuff like Hooked On Phonics.

    Of course, it is very unpopular with the traditional black leadership, as they want to blame everything on evil Republicans and demand more money, affirmative action, federal programs,etc.
  5. Yes, I understand what you are saying.
    Cosby is not afraid to step up to the plate and shine the spotlight on parent's being accountable and believe it or not their are "other" educators and VIP's in the black community that would same the same thing.

    My friend Don Bragg, gold medalist in the pole vault back in the 1960 Rome Olympics ( he was the last one to go 15' 9" on a STEEL pole back in those days, landing in a heap of sawdust ) is not the most racially "balanced" person in the world, but he does call Cosby a friend of his and speaks very highly of him.

    Kudos to Bill.
    Have a great Weekend AAA!

  6. I wonder what the "governator" will do about this (if anything). 57% of Latino students graduating in 4 years? And they are becoming the majority of students in the state? Something is wrong somewhere....