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Discussion in 'Trading' started by thomas, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. thomas


    I have a short position on HRC, and its trading is halted until Friday due to SEC fraud investigation. :eek:

    Any idea/thoughts on price action when trading resumes on Friday? :confused:
  2. Uuhh, ok you can retire now. Good job.
  3. chs245


    My broker valued my position at $1.5 ( i bought some a couple of days ago when insiders bought some stock :mad: )
    S&P uses a value of $0 to calculate the S&P500 value.
    I guess it opens somewhere in beteween.

  4. thomas


    Still no go after four trading days... I wonder if this is good or bad?
  5. breakin


    my father works for these guys as a pilot----he is very long in his IRA

    trust me-- you won the lotto:eek:
  6. thomas


    What do you mean? I don't have that many shares in HRC. I just want to close that position.

    Reuters says HRC is now trading as OTC:HLSH.PK

    Can someone tell me how I can buy back shares? I use Interactive Brokers.

    Thanks for any info.
  7. Wouldn't you just buy back HLSH.PK? :confused:
  8. thomas


    I can't seem to place buy order on HLSH.PK :(
  9. You should just call the order desk. Its a new symbol so it might not be available on the system yet.
  10. breakin


    all you have to do is deliver the shares, you may not be authorized to buy HLSH as it is now not listed, you should call your broker and tell them your "problem" I am sure they will just buy them back for you

    its trading at 12cents

    good job
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