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    puts are extremely expensive.

    all signs point to some epic fall. probably very soon
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    LNKD puts were/are expensive but no avalanche yet
  4. more stupid talk from non traders.

    Citron getting his ass kicked on this.
  5. geoinvesting confirmed little's finding. Firthermore they disseminated the latest company press release which was published at late evening China time midnight.

    Turns out they claimed CDB bank reaffirmed proposal, around midnight, which is highly suspicious. Let's me believe the buyout might not go through after all.
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    I doubt its final success of privatization.

    What's the privatization law in Nevada? e.g. the legal % of floating shares holders have to agree for its going private? and the % of the total shareholders have to agree?

    Help needed !
  7. By the way, what happens if you're short shares while the merger is occurring? Lets say all is final, stock baout to get halted/delisted, and what happens when your short?
  8. citron is as big a fraud as the co's he bashes.
  9. looks like stock777 was right yet again. yawwwwwwwwn

    fuck citron
  10. yes, you did fail epicly
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