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    I have a three-year-old HP Pavilion Elite d5000t ATX which came with a Burbank-GL8E board. I tried to replace the CPU cooler with a silent one. The stock cooler has a fan that is screwed to the heat sink which in turn is attached to the board with thin screws. The screw holes in the board are too narrow to accommodate any silent coolers that I have found. I even tried using the HP screws with a new cooler to no avail. Does anyone know of a silent cooler that would work? Or simpler yet, as the heat sink's fan is attached with screws, does anyone know of any silent heat sink fans (without the heat sink)? All I can find are 80 x 80 three-pin case fans, not the needed four-pin CPU fan.
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    Motherboard Specifications, IPIBL-TX (Burbank) HP Pavilion Elite ...
    Though a personal response will not be provided, we value your comments. ... HP/Compaq name: Burbank-GL8E


    Socket 775, no reason that any cooler compatible with s775 should'nt work.

    3-pin fans works fine on 4-pin headers too. silent is probably best found in a fan that has a fluid dynamic bearing.
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    Thanks for all that, but the problem is the proprietary size of the screw holes in the board, not the socket. And I believe the fourth pin is needed to monitor the CPU's fan.