HPQ Halted, Why?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by shortie, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. earnings on Aug 19
  2. Corelio


    No, Hurd resigned
  3. i don't suppose it is a good news.

    crap i have some long shares of that pig (not Hurd, HPQ)
  4. hajimow


    Does anyone have a pic of the female involved in the sex scandal? I want to see was she worth it or not.
  5. buying some right here at 42.
  6. losing ~12B in market cap from Monday close (i presume the rumor started to leak at that time due to 4 red days for HPQ in the flat market).

    that's one expensive pussy if you ask me...
  7. almost as bad as tiger woods.
  8. with pussy getting so expensive each day i don't buy the deflation theory
  9. Apparently the books may have been doctored...:eek:
  10. hajimow


    come on guys I need a pic of her.
    That giant company (HPQ) hires her as a marketing consultant. She knew nothing. They should have had tons of consultants better than her. She should have known that she is hired for sex.
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