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    I keep hearing what a good company HP is. I will not mention the stock (maybe later) but I can tell you this: I have ordered close to half a million dollars worth of enterprise level equipment, 80% of it HP. Every single computer equipment has had a major problem.

    HP used to be rock solid hardware. Their stuff now is at best below average. I have started to look at Fujitsu as replacement. I am not impressed with DELL.
  2. Baron

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    I agree. HP gear is just not reliable. The best server hardware I've ever used are Apple Xserves. Too bad Apple decided not to make enterprise hardware anymore.
  3. My hp computer was almost as bad as my emachine:D
  4. J.P.


    I have to agree. Even their printer drivers are now crap. A few days ago I inexplicably started getting 'hpmsn093.dll not responding' from my LaserJet M1522nf. Searched for a solution and could only find a suggestion to try to uninstall/reinstall. Well, uninstall gave an error message and did not remove everything so I tried to manually delete as much as I could. Then I downloaded a complete reinstall from the HP site. And that would not work; it gets about halfway through and hangs. So now I'm left with a no printer functionality.

    I've had HP printers for decades; something's changed. And it has totally convinced me never to get HP again.
  5. Daal


    HP laptop failure rates over 2-3 years are one of the highest in the industry according to research