HP LaserJet 1200 series printer

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  1. Good Afternoon

    Hope somebody can help me with this problem. My PC is an intel based quadcore running XP Home Edition. I got a present of a 2nd hand HP Laser 1200 series printer that came with no installation cd.
    Whilst trying to connect it to my PC via a usb port the following message appeared:

    " Dot4usb.sys file missing. Load your XP installation disk"

    I searched my XP installation an cannot locate this file. What is this file needed for and any idea where it can be downloaded from.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. go to the hp website.

    Look for your printer under search, then find the latest driver-- download and install the executable file on your desktop. You should be ok from there.


    Or here just click on the download drivers and software (radio) button and enter your printer model and download driver for your OS (XP).
  3. Many thanks for your reply. I took your advise and downloaded latest drivers from HP website. This still has not cleared the problem.
    I executed a search of my complete hard drive and the file was no where to be found. After a lot of researching it seems I am missing the following 3 files:


    Would appreciate if you could check your own system and let me know if you can find them. As far as I am aware they are basic files needed by any printer.
  4. ehorn


  5. Great. Many Thanks.:p