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  1. I am eyeing the new hp laptops... i need a new one....

    are they any good on the whole? they look sort of cheap but i like the nice big screen

    any advice would be appreciated - i am not up to date on this stuff.

    my old one was a sony vaio and the thing was a workhorse. 5 years of everyday use and it still works well - just slow.... have dropped it down stairs. dribbled on it...i dont even know if sony makes laptops anymore???
  2. HAHAHA :cool:

    reminds me about my key board I spill water, food crumbs, I drop it blah blah, works better than new :D
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    why change brand when you have good experience with the old one ????
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    he probably read about sony batteries
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    I've had an HP Pavilion for maybe 5 years or so. Haven't had much trouble with it but plan to replace it with possibly an IBM or probably a Dell.
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    "can you explain on the thread why you want to change brands. looking forward to reading your post?"

    Sure, some of the few problems I have had are as follows.

    1)At one point several years ago I was unable to logon to IB TWS using the internal ethernet card. I had to use an external ethernet card. I was told it was because of some proprietary "stuff" (sorry not a computer guy) used by HP. I also heard this can be a problem with certain compaq units as well.

    2)I have had issues loging onto some wireless networks. Even sitting next to the router while coworkers with another brand of computer can logon. Again I'm not a computer expert but I'm inclined to believe this may have something to do with HP's proprietary software/circuits or whatever.

    3) If I go into hibernate several times without rebooting in between, it will crash.

    4) battery life has never been impressive, fortunately I use my laptop as more of a portable desktop.

    I had an IBM before which I liked except for the pointing device in the center of the keyboard. The more I used it the less I liked it, especially when drawing lines and such on charts.
    Hence the reason I may consider an IBM, but will probably try a Dell next time.
  7. i bought a new HP and it look fine and works great :)
    I bought the DV -2000and am really happy with it
  8. Well,

    I bought a cheap one "on sale" from Fry's as a backup. $600 got me an AMD 64 1.8ghz, 600MHZ FSB, 512MB RAM, 15.4" WS, DVD RW, and a slow 60GB HD. Seems to work pretty well and links up immediately at any coffee house I hit. DV5210us

    I have to say I like it so far. Of course, one month later they're now blowing out the Turion 64 X2s now with a better configuration. Bad timing on my part I think...
  9. i got my dell battery replaced... took about 3-4 weeks...

    my 2 yr old laptop got a new boost w/the new battery...

    get a macbook or a macbook pro... they're great for everyday use, but not for trading.

    i dont know any trading program that works with a mac

  10. After spending the extra $$ for several IBM laptops over the past decade, and having the last 2 fail on me, I went with an HP Pavillion dv8000 with 17" screen, Intel Centrino Duo etc. in June of this year. It came with dual hard drives, so I have built-in back-up (but I also have an external hard drive for additional back-up that stays at home when I travel).

    I couldn't be happier with it. It's fast and I love the large screen. And it was very reasonably priced (got it at Costco).

    When home, I have 3 external 19" Dell monitors hooked up to it via the Matrox Triple Head2Go (giving me 4 screens total).

    When I travel, I like to have all my programs with me, so I run everything on a laptop whether at home or on the road.

    Very impressed with the value of the HP laptop. I also bought one for my 75 year-old father for his birthday this summer (his first laptop).
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