HP laptop LCD screen display issue - intermittent

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bolimomo, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. HP laptop model dv8t 1100

    The best that I can describe the issue: (hardware display)

    It was a brand new laptop in May 2010. Used for 4-5 months. Yesterday... suddenly out of the blue... after putting the laptop to "sleep" and restarting...

    Suddenly the laptop LCD screen had a flickering display on the green or red color.

    #1) On the texts where they should be displayed in black color, I saw streaks of greens and dots of green.

    #2) If I use MSPaint and draw a big rectangle and fill it with solid pink color, the pink color flickers. (Flashes about 3 to 4 times a second.) It was very noticeable.

    I had rebooted the laptop several times yesterday. Re-seated the battery. The problem persisted. I called in to HP support and got a ticket for a return. But today... just as suddenly as the problem appeared, it had suddenly disappeared! No more screen flickering. Black text display is perfect. Rebooted the laptop several times and reseated the battery several times. Still no problem.

    I know there are some issues with the laptop. But if I send the laptop in to HP they will probably send the same laptop right back saying "no problem found" (as I don't see the problem any more). Which would be a waste of efforts.

    I suspect the problem is with either the video display card inside the laptop, or the connection between the video card and the laptop LCD screen.

    My questions:

    1. Has anybody experienced this kind of hardware laptop LCD display issue?

    2. Whether it is advisable to send the laptop back to HP anyway?
  2. could have been the not so uncommon display driver not responding hiccup. check error reporting logs maybe.
  3. Thanks imabadboy, and the PMs I received.

    I have seen the display issue only on 1 day. Really strange. The next day on, no more issue observed. I am concerned that this kind of display issue is hardware malfunction of some sort. But it would be of no use to send back the unit as it is working for the time being.
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    i have an hp 06 or 07 laptop ,that problem eventually became no screen and being old, not worth fixing ,but it works with a plugin regular monitor, i would send it back for recall or replace since its probably still under warranty
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    LCD screens can be replaced and its much less the cost of buying a new laptop, as noted as long as its under warranty, this will be free to do so if it happens again, do send it in for repair.
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    I'd say your eyes are fatigued from staring at 20 monitors 60 hours a week...

    Have you considered the possibility that you were imagining those off color pixels?

    Hey Boli :)
  7. If I didn't know you I would have said you are just a troll. LOL! :p
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    Ah...a troll would have derided you for buying HP instead of a "Falcon"
  9. check the HP website; there are a bunch of HP models that had their warranties extended for free because of manufacturing defects, mostly overheating where the motherboard or video card suffers damage.