HP/Compaq or Dell?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by CrackPipe, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. CrackPipe

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    Ive usually brought Dell but am thinking of changing

    What do you think is the best PC. Dell or HP?

    Im tempted to go with HP just so I can talk to a rep who speaks clear English and isnt on the other side of the world.
  2. shfly


    Buy a Dell Precision Workstation...tech support is based here in the USA...Look into Dell's Outlet Store...

    Bought new ones and used ones...superb...never had an issue...(desktops).
  3. HP vs. Dell is same thing, apples to apples.

    HP options out higher that's all - that does not mean that for the same price the "best of best" HP machine is better than "best of best" Dell, it just means that HP has configurations that are more higher end at the top than Dell does.

    Hope that makes sense.
  4. Mr_You


    I would suggest checking into Lenovo. Atleast laptop wise Lenovo beats HP and Dell. So maybe desktops too?

    My preference is for who installs the least amount of crapware (or none) and Lenovo wins there.
  5. just depends on ur pricepoint and specs that you need.
  6. CrackPipe

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    thanks for the replys guys.

    price is really a non issue ans theres only about $100 between similar spec machines - premium on the hp

    ive never had a tech issue with dell, just their service sucks so i thought id give hp a try - wanted to make sure they werent dogs and the support/after care was ok.

    good point about additional s/w they tend to put on machines. i can do with out all that stuff. i just need windows 7 and office with xl and a browser.
  7. I don't like any of the existing ready-made box. The issue is I rarely find any model that has more than one available PCIe X16 slot. If you run 1 or 2 monitors it's all right. Anything like 4 to 6 monitors it would force you to have to buy a quad video card or hex card, which are quite expensive. To get around it I build my own.
  8. jokepie


    Check this out precision 7400 - last one in the list - with all the slots you need/ dual processor option with 16gig ecc ram - you get a clead HDD - add a nother GFX card and ur good to go.


    discount 25% with this coupon code Desk$199up25

    its a rare deal...If i needed one - i would have jumped on it ASAP
  9. If price is not that big of an issue why not buy from a specialty builder. I have two Maingear computers and have been happy with them. I can’t imagine ever buying a computer from Dell again.

    Usually people on this site are so desperate to save a few dollars they will sacrifice service and quality. Always seemed strange to me since if you trade for a living you can afford a decent computer.
  10. I woke up one morning recently and my Dell motherboard was fried recently after a lightning storm and so I went out to the local computer store and picked up a

    refurbished HP 6754 tower
    AMD athlon II x4 640 3.00 ghz
    4 GB RAM
    1 TB hard drive
    blah blah blah

    for 349.99

    Works for me and I can't tell the difference between a new or refurb computer.
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