HP a1640n dead in the water?

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  1. Any thoughts?
    Went to turn it on this evening, it would not start.
    The green led on the rear of the case is a steady green. The HP support site suggested disconnecting the power cord, holding the power button down for 5 secs. and attempt a re-start. Tried it, no luck.
    If the green led is lit, does this mean the internal power supply is good? Could it be the mobo? Power switch?
    Any thoughts are appreciated.
  2. Take the cover off and blow out all the dust.
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    gnome is gone so lets take it slow. How do you know it won't start? something on the sceen tells you so or you see nothing and you assume it won't start?
  4. The power switch/button has a blue led ring, which does not light.
    The cooling fan does not come on, the hard drive does not spin, there is no sound or movement whatsoever. It is plugged into a ups with surge protection, I verified the ups is operating, and tried the pc in a sep. wall outlet, no luck.
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    if the fans aren't spinning its likely a bad psu. if the fans are spinning, reseat the memory. if that doesn't work, bad mobo.
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    I have no idea what that wiki article saying. I will buy a comparable PSU, plug the power in, unplug the main connection from the old PSU and connect it to the new one. If something running then you replace the rest. If it stays the same then it's time for a new computer.
  8. I got a reading of 2.5 volts out of the power supply.
  9. Ordered p-supply from newegg. Will try to trade using backup laptop.
    An old Gateway MX6027, with a loose "u" key. Bt the fcking thing still rns, nlike that HP.
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