Howz that global warming workin out for ya this week?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TreeFrogTrader, Jan 3, 2018.

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  2. exGOPer


    Right, because that's how climate change works, extreme weather patterns means climate isn't changing.

    Sometimes it's really hard to fathom the kind of stupidity that exists.
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  3. jem


    he is just posting cynical comments to remind you nutters how stupid it looks when your agw moron buddies try to blame warm weeks and droughts and cooling and storms everything else on man made co2.

    It could easily all be due to natural cycles and causes.

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  4. exGOPer


    Its not cynical, it's just flat out dumb.

    And I don't need birthers and Seth Rich conspiratards lecturing me on science and 'nutters'.
  5. jem


    bullshit from the man who aggressively stated not once but twice that Moscow is not in Europe

  6. exGOPer


    Typical disingenuous Con, Russians don't consider themselves European, in fact they consider European a slang for Slavic people. Russia consider itself distinct and your try to pretend that Uranium went to Russia because the article said 'Europe and Asia' is the most clever piece of lying I have seen on the board.

    How is that Uranium witness working out by the way? Oh, it was fake news as usual.
  7. jem


    calling me disingenuous is rich...

    here is what you said... ( I put in the emphasis in for you.) I don't naturally wish to bring this up... but when you start bullshitting about what I said in the past... I will do this.

    "Any physical export of the product from conversion facilities to non-US destinations is under the control of such customers and subject to NRC regulation"

    And Moscow isn't in Europe, that's the stupidest thing I have read from you, that's like saying Moscow in Asia because parts of Europe are in Asia.

    So this is the tactic now? Claim Russia is Europe so NRC approved Uranium went to Russia? Try harder troll."

  8. exGOPer


    Thank you for highlighting and making my point for me. Clearly I wasn't referencing geography and it's evident from my post.

    LOL, that backfired clearly.
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  9. wildchild


    It is not cold out. Sure, the thermometer says its cold, but actual data does not matter. They will simply make a bunch of adjustments to the data and make this cold spell disappear.
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  10. elderado


    Anyone seen Al Gore's face on a milk carton yet? He's definitely missing.
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