How's your local housing market doing?

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  1. With short term rates doubling since last year and 30 year fixed over 6.25% again.. I am curious as to how your local market is doing?

    I live in NYC.. i see a lot of houses for sale... but very few transactions.

    Realtors telling me that business is pretty slow.

  2. Greenspan hates the housing ATM. Rates will go higher.
  3. mhashe


  4. That's before the Supreme Court said that people like him really didn't own their own property and it could be taken away to make room for private development.
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    Somewhat similiar in west Tennessee and ;
    actually strange but true, housing market here looked better with TOL above its 200dma. Usually some opportunity anytime

    For the first time all year saw some acerage with a small home it looks good in ad;
    but some more that was rreasonable priced was too close to floodplain.

    Lots of state laws now over ruling that stupid supreme ruling;
    but our market has tended to be overpriced for years.


  6. This is classic....

    “It’s happening. It’s all going to keep going,” said Paul Miotke, Corchuelo’s agent. “The one thing we know is it’s not going down in value.”
  7. did you read the story. he has a good location.
  8. I did read the whole story. I just think it's funny how people are convinced that real estate NEVER goes down.
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