How's your 1st day back from veteran's day?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MohdSalleh, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. how are you guys doing 1st day back? any good?
  2. It seems to me this is quieter than on the holiday itself
  3. the top is in!
  4. but i am talking abt the liquidity, i could care less abt the direction of the mkt
  5. Slow so far for me, got two competing trends, neither of which wants to make it official :)

  6. x2

  7. quite obviously you are an investor and not a trader, pls go to yahoo boards
  8. your tone is very offensive, but i shouldnt expect much from "your type"
  9. Dude, are you a troll? I was agreeing with the poster who said the market has topped. I agree and have made a trade accordingly...I bought TZA and a little FAZ. I've made $$$ so far today and I expect it to continue for a while.

    You know, you might pick up some good tips here if you weren't adversarial.

    SM (the trader)
  10. i am just saying, your so called trading is really investing or at best swing trading. this used to be a day trading board, i am talking abt people who know how to trade off the L2, who can identify programs, buyers and sellers, NOT yes this mkt has topped out /bottomed out here lets buy and hold for 3 weeks.No offence, I jsut want to know people who are true daytraders trading 30-40k shares or beyond a day are doing.
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