How's this for a POS?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Babak, May 17, 2002.

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    Restoration Hardware (RSTO)

    TraderMike (Mike Swanson) also flagged other pos including CHST, and GENI. For now I'm watching and waiting for a technical signal (its in a coil right now) before taking a short position.
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    Just an update on RSTO. Its around $8 (when I posted it was around $11). My target is around $7 but who knows if it will actually get there.:p
  3. good call
  4. must be nice to be able to get short and then trash the stock to every daytrader in the world...
  5. Babak


    You think that it tanked because people shorted it? :D You've got a lot to learn grasshopper.
  6. no, teacher, that is not what i said. i think he got short and told the whole world what a pos it is. have i taken the pebble from your hand?
  7. " must be nice to be able to get short and then trash the stock to every daytrader in the world..."

    Isn't there a guy named Elgindy that is in a world of trouble for doing exactly that?
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    My post was tongue in cheek; hope you didn't take it seriously. Mike Swanson is just bringing a pos to the attention of others. Sure he has something to gain by it tanking, but its not a sure thing it will. He has a great track record both in trading the markets in general and in finding great shorts.

    Herb Greenberg also scouts out foul smelling companies but I fail to see how that, is somehow illegitimate (sure Herb doesn't trade but still) or wrong.

    In any case, I just brought this to the attention of the board and left it as something intersting to consider. I think we are all intelligent enough to do our own DD.
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  10. you're ok friend. my beef is the inherent conflict of interest involved, and the obvious edge that being in the public domain gives a trader. do they ever come out and say, 'hey, I shorted that stock before I told you about it and I did great?'
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