How's that gold buy at $1,200 going?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by AyeYo, Dec 8, 2009.

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    As gold continued to fall further today, I'd like to get some foot-meet-mouth statements from all the gold bulls I was arguing with a couple weeks ago.

    I attempted to re-up some of the old threads, but the mods on this board arbitrarily move and delete threads with the quickness - so I couldn't find any.

    I'm just curious what the gold bulls have to say now. Two weeks ago there was myself and a couple other people here laughing about a bubble and calling for at least a short term pull-back. Gold bulls said no way, we were no where near bubble status. They said $1,200 was a great buy. Zerohedge sung of worthless dollars and inifinitely valuable gold. Buy it at $1,200, buy it at $2,000, it's never going down. So I'd like to see if they're still holding those positions and maybe even get some of them to start making bottom calls for extra lolz.
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    Are you more interested in measuring sentiment or being right? Your post reeks of the latter.
  3. We gold bugs endeavor not to buy tops. I bought late this afternoon around 1135 USD. A disturbingly deep pullback, to be sure, but I have absolute confidence in the ability of the Dumocrats to fuck things up even worse.
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    It's "wreaks." :D

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    Both. I got flamed by everyone and their mother, and some of their mother's friends, for saying it was overcrowed; so what's the big deal if I subtlely flame back while getting the lay of the land?
  6. AyeYo, I don't blame you. I bought DZZ the day before gold took a dump. I let it go too quickly though.

    I personally think that the outcome of this Dopenhagen climate insanity conference going on will be a massive wealth redistribution system that takes from the productive West and gives to the [perpertually-] Third World countries. 2% of GDP has been mentioned. If this is the case, those deadbeat nations raking in our tax dollars are going to want the dollar to firm up a bunch. The currency hedge play is probably over.

    I'd love to see gold approach 1200 again so I can establish larger short positions.
  7. I take back whatever ugly I said about you. You're all right. And heavily armed.
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    lol wtf
  9. Obama just said he will "spend" to create jobs. THis is code word for "increase the deficit". At this rate, there won't be any liquid money left when the next recession hits in a year to a few years. Non-liquid $ = Fed printing = POG up long term.
  10. I agree with you.. Someone is deleting alot of the posts. I am wondering if its a matter of space...

    Good Call

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