Hows that dollar doing???

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    Anyone know??

  2. getting crushed. if you're not already in debt, you better get some fast
  3. This is the greatest moment in the history of finance. This time it's different.
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    sure is different this time.

    Dollar falling to new lows while gold skyrockets, nothing like gold at 1000 and oil at 100.....
  5. Dollar-yen hitting it's post-nonfarm high at 116.25. Huge short opp here.
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    Greenspan warns dollar to fall victim to current account deficit

    By Edmund Conway, Economics Editor
    Last Updated: 1:08am BST 18/09/2007

    Alan Greenspan is warning that inflation is set to double. The former Federal Reserve chairman predicts that within only a few years the world will undergo a huge spike in prices. He says central banks will have to raise interest rates to double-digit levels to hold down inflation.
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    Im sure it goes to 120.
  8. Talk is cheap.
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    Dow 14k would put it around 120.
  10. Do you have any concept of what's been done to the rate-swap? You do realize the Fed cut 50, right?
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