How's SSF going?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by QdzResurrection, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. After launched more than a year, how are the two SSF exchanges and all market makers doing? SSF forum on ET was gone. Hahoiohah, are you still around? Best Regards.
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    OneChicago, LLC yesterday announced that 186,527 security futures
    contracts traded at the Exchange in January, a 67% increase over January
    2003. Open interest stood at 211,068 contracts January 30. Average daily
    volume was 9,326 contracts in January.

    The top five security futures products by volume in January were Altria
    Corp.(MO1C) with 6,858 contracts traded, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (BMY1C)
    6,466, Applied Materials Inc. (AMAT1C) 6,390, Bank of America(BAC1C) 6,028
    and Intel Corp. (INTC1C) with 5,461.

    Click here for the full announcement and January volume report:
  3. It's still long way to go for SSF. I swing traded SUNW, the spread was about 5 cents most of time. Fill is fast if you just hit the bid/ask.
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    I'd love to trade them, but I don't know of any professional equity trading firms that offer them. I remember reading when they were introduced that they would be allowed in either an equities account or a futures account. What's the deal with that?

    Is anybody on this site arbing ssf's vs. the common? Anybody at all? Care to share your experience?
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    Not enough volume for intraday arbing and at EOD they settle at common stock price.
  7. for SSF's to take off ?

    will they ever get going ?

    or is the mass of liquidity needed just not there?

    trading them is for people who cannot meet PDT rules ?


    I tried NEM today ...

    I am the total volume for both exchanges combined

    12 contracts :p