How's my trend reading?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Cruzan, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Cruzan


    Is there a moderate level of cluefulness to how I'm reading this or am I still missing something major?

  2. Cruz;

    Fine place to get out, especially since DHI is below 50,200 day moving average.Even better if you got out there ,4-19 real time

    And not suprising it made a lower high today;
    may even go higher in this market, but to many lows to stay long much for me
  3. Mins


    Well im a newbie as well, maybe a little bit more advanced now as i have learnt a lot in last couple of months.

    I dont like using candles on 1min timeframe, usually on a 5min timeframe. Also, candles are just a heads up on the potential move, i would not generally rely on them too much especially in choppy days.

    I usually have many other indicators or analysis prior to taking a particular trade. But just like you i am learning to fit the things i have learnt into my particular style of trading.

    Anyway i hope this helps, i edited your chart and added a bit of my own analysis, there was more but bit busy right now.

    If you wanna share knowledge with a fellow newbie, PM and maybe we can share some thoughts on our learning process over MSN.
  4. mjh


    No not time to get out. Time to short. Don't leave that money on the table.

    Good trading to you.