How's my portfolio. Is it diversified enough?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ginux, Mar 2, 2006.

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    All comments, bad and good, appreciated.

    My Portfolio
    GOOG (100%)

    Ok. That's it.
  2. Search, Mail, Dating, Blogging...

    You're well diversified for the next century..
  3. when ge was 60 they used to say no reason to diversify with ge because it has so many different business. now its been around 30 for 5 years.

  4. Ha...where was this post on Tuesday?
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    Oh no worries. I felt the full brunt of it.
  6. Call Cramer and ask him, that would be pretty funny haha
  7. novel20


    Googie stock?

    Or Googie Mar 450 calls? :D
  8. hajimow


    What GOOG's CEO said about 100 billion dollar company was out of desparation. They also said that growth is slowing and MSFT is becoming a big rival. Well those were the facts and 100 billion dollar company is a wish. Now it is up to you which one to pick. By the way, have you ever heard of dead cat bouncing ? :D
    Well GOOG is not dead but when it hits $310, it will be dead for you. I mean you will be dead. You can still do something.:)
  9. bitrend


    Listen to this guy man. He might be right. GOOG was before very appreciated but now the Street starts to think about it, or worry about it if you prefer. And when that worry is one-sided then the beginning of the end..., and there after desperation and when that desperation is one-sided the beginning of the beginning... That's called the CYCLE.

  10. I use to think Google was going to own the world but now I realize that they will not.

    They have taken on the old media with their copyrights infringements and they won't win. That will cause a big problem in them owing the world's information.

    They have no friends on wall street either from the way they went public.

    What Goog did was push the envelope out where it had not been before.

    This was similar to what Apple did to the gui and then got overtaken by msft.

    Msft, Yahoo, are not going to allow them the domniate like I thought they were going to do.

    I had just accepted that I had missed out on Goog and would never own it. Now I don't want unless it gets to $100.

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