How's IB been lately?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by arzoo, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. arzoo


    I'm in the process of finishing up my account opening with ib... switching from datek.

    But have noticed a lot of problems lately in the forums., like SERVER DOWN, INABILITY TO SHORT, etc.

    Hows ib's servers lately? and anything I should be aware of?

  2. DTK


    It works well. Execution and reliability better than any other retail that I've used (I've been through quite a few). If you want a list of shortable stocks go to the website and in the left hand column under the heading "Trading Information" there is an item "Shortable Stocks" that you can check.

    Good luck.

  3. Immediate fills. Fast execution.

    Two thumbs up.
  4. gnome


    Have you used eLocal for emini trades? TIA:D
  5. I've been with IB for 4 months now, and have made 120 round trip trades with them, and I have no complaints. I've traded on the GLOBEX, A/C/E, and various ECN's (ARCA, ISLAND, etc). I've had no problems. I do see a lot of bulitens about trading problems on ARCA and GLOBEX from time to time, but have not been affected by them.
  6. On what, 5 trades? Wait until you tarde a few hundred times before snookering people on this board.
  7. Very good broker. A few glitches here and there but overall it's been a good trip. Been with them over a year, about 2500 or so trades, and I'm very pleased.

    Def is associated with IB and frequently posts here on ET. He's very responsive to everyone's issues.
  8. DTK


    Haven't done futures.
    I'm a happy and profitable stock and option guy.
    Don't have any intention of wandering into the world of futures just yet, but will keep your suggestion under consideration if/when I do.

    Thanks gnome.

  9. Daveron


    No complaints from me about IB lately. Been disconnected a couple of times for less than a minute each time but that could be ISP related.

    Executions have been fast using the SMART routing.
  10. gnome


    Oh no, it wasn't a suggestion. I'm thinking of opening an account there myself and was just fishing for opinions... You said you'd "been through quite a few". (I've been trading at Lind and asked ET'ers their opinions.... basically, they said, "... good reputation but slow and clunky execution with too high commissions...". So, looking for something better).:D
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