How's everyone doing in 2008 so far?

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  1. I don't know about you guys, but after today and Friday, I am getting killed.

    I'm interested in seeing how well everyone else is doing so far this year.
  2. i'm doing great, up about 12%!
  3. Not that well my friend, not that well. I had a stellar record of producing 112% returns in 2007, this year its 35% negative and mounting. I do not hesitate to declare my losses unlike many cowards and insecure idiots who will boast their ways here.

    Not many people have done well this year and the markets are cruel. I have seen these vicious sell offs 300 plus and minus days, red screens, little green and great stocks and companies pounded to hell and back, stocks like AAPL, GOOG, BIDU, RIMM and many other equities decimating any option positions into outright losses in no time. We have lost 20% in Nasdaq since October highs and SPX has been a complete bear. The markets sometime whipsaw positions like they did today. Volatility kills.

    Our doom and gloom crowd very helpful in bringing down the markets to its knees with or without the recession.
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    You beat me. I am up 6.08 %. January was awesome. February was so so.
  5. about 90% of my portfolio is cash. Cash rates in Australia are 7.75%

    .....apart from that I've got a very small Citigroup position (3,000 shares) and 10,000 Australian Wheat Board class B shares (AWB.AX)

    thats it

    just watching what happens....
  6. Can you provide some information how do you get 7.75% at the Banks ? Thats a lot of money for US Citizens. Any information will be helpful.
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    Australia Increases Benchmark Rate to 12-Year High
    Governor Glenn Stevens and his board raised the overnight cash rate target by a quarter point to 7.25 percent in Sydney today
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    really great. Better than ever.:)

    Averaging 1K a day lately.
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    Try changing your time frame and losing the bias.

    Higher volatility or sideways market = shorter trends.

    You can't play this market like the 2004+ runup.
  10. Good advice you have given. Indeed, timeframe is getting ever shorter

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