Howmany stocks do you hold at one time?

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  1. how many stocks do you hold at one time? 6,10,20,40+

    too few = too high a risk

    To many...poor performance.

    What's the "sweet spot" for you?
  2. wow..thx:confused:
  3. 21.

  4. I think the important point here is: 21 is an odd number. If you hold 4, for instance, 2 would go up and two would go down. Best to own 5, then you could have 3 up and 2 down but if 3 were down and 2 were up then you have to increase the number of stocks to 7 and hope you could have 4 up and 3 down. so on and so forth until you become your own best mutual fund and only have to beat some benchmark for bragging rights and losses are just an illusion.
  5. Two.

    It's a Fib number.

    But I would really like to bring it down to One.

    Which is also a Fib number.

    Seriously... I only look at 5 stocks to trade. I typically enter 1 position, and max 2.

    Too high a risk? If you think so. I am a very short term trader. I don't leave my chair when I am in.
  6. One.

    ES Futures is all I need.
  7. That's actually 500 stocks..
  8. Igor1


    Not more than 5. Anything more is a disaster waiting to happen.
  9. ok...i am not talking about day trading here. End of day holding for the 6-12 week+ moves. I presume you are talknig about day trading?

    Not more than 5. Anything more is a disaster waiting to happen.
  10. I hold one ETF, which is EWZ, seven different accounts. Everyday, I concentrate on selling two accounts, then repurchasing. My purpose is to accumulate additional shares without adding new money.
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