How'd You Guys Do In May?

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  1. Actually, this thread ( piqued my interest in this question.

    Not only in May but in April.

    Just be honest.

    I noticed that many in the market (news) experienced losses in these two months.

    I trade currencies spot strictly and my income has been extremely stable... surprisingly going UP a good % each month over the previous months, too, back to April. I'm having a great month so far in June, as well.

    So, I'm happy as a lark to see the ForEx trading as solid as it has been compared to other markets the last 90-days.

    Are you guys winning or losing?

    (It's all about...) The DrawDown
  2. I did ok in May. April was barely a loss, and March was a disaster. January and Feb were great months, and this month (June) looks to be a good one.
  3. I had a decent month in May, but I made most of it in the last few days of the month. Before that I was down just a little. This has been a great year for me overall though. So far, I keep fighting the trend (for some reason) in June and the same applies.

  4. You should also ask about timeframes being traded for a clearer picture. Day traders such as myself will have a different outlook than a swing trader. BTW, that's an awfully negative handle you picked for yourself.
  5. I was chopping around flat all year up until May. Took my account +10% on those huge range moves to the downside. Luckily I stepped on the gas when I felt the move was real. Swing trade 1-5 days avg hold for me.
  6. OK, then, guys, please indicate your trading time frames causing your wins or losses for these months.

    Big Mr. Frank, can you start? What is your trading outlook?

    Regarding my handle, "DrawDown," :D to me it's very realistic because... no trades are ever opened that do not result in a drawdown... therefore, one must deal (successfully) with them in order to profit.

    I love DDs... because I've learned how to handle them well enough so that they do not wipe me out when they occur.

    As far as my particular time frame... I've found that it's necessary to have several time frame trading structures converging at the same time.

    With these in place, my trading can thrive on insane and "unexpected" moves (in excess of 400-pts in a single direction suddenly, for example) that I may use a 1-day chart to view the move.

    I can also, at times, open and close single positions on a 1-minute or 5-minute chart.

    Holds can vary from months to minutes - it's whatever I feel is gonna give me the advantage over the global market in particular environments - putting me ahead of the pack.

    I don't subscribe to any one cure all trading strategy. Though, I do like to keep track of why I open and close trades.

    Good luck,

    The DrawDown
  7. "The" forex. All is right with the world; Coinz/SkaLpZ is back.
  8. OK. I short term trade on 4 charts. Trade on the 5 min using the 1 min for entries/exits and 60 and 15 to keep an eye on trend, S & R and turning points. I scale in so if the position goes against soon after I enter I'm gone with a very small loss. No big DDs here ... except for my secretary's :). I never scale out. I stay out of trading ranges unless they are at least 10+ pips. I use 3 indicators and some channels. To answer your original question ... May was very good.
  9. Oh my God, you're not serious.

    I was sucked in again - the alias got me this time because it didn't have all the capital letters. But yep, same style.

  10. I'd like to add that the currency market has kicked my *** so many times that I've learned to counter-punch with a variety of maneuvers, and not to count on just one.

    Some are based on just staying alive.

    Similar to a cage fighter such as Matt Hughes. He wins because he does not rely on just one or two styles, so, I also use several methods - whatever's required - to get the financial results I'm looking for. And to try not to get destroyed, at the same time.

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