How'd you do today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gunslinger, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. I know a lot of you must have made tons today. Havent seen a day like this in a lonnngggg time, brought back memories.

    So lets hear it, how much did you make (or lose)?

    Fwiw I did not trade, though holdings lost @ 6%.
  2. Palomino


    I'm not a day trader, since I have a day gig, but I got stopped out on a long for a loss, but my bearish position gained back much more than the loss. Haven't taken profit yet.
  3. MattF


    18 points on the ES...and looking for 1 last trade before the close..:)

    make it 21.5 now...

    doh...gave some back, then beat the buzzer after...19 points for the day.

  4. Beebers


    I am a daytrader but trade only on certain days. I will always be in cash at the end of the day. I did not trade today. Therefore, no gain and no loss. However, tomorrow is one of my trading days. I am a little scared but my plan calls for it - so I'll go for it. I do know what the maximum loss can be for me. So I guess tomorrow will be alright.
  5. both happy and sad

    Had a boatload of IWM puts
    Sold 'em all early this morning...

    could have had a career day if I had held longer.
    but still happy to make a profit.

    With Bernanke speaking tomorrow, who knows?
  6. If he says he's worried about inflation, then watch out below...
  7. I was actually looking for specific numbers.

    Nothing wrong with a brag about a monster day.
  8. MattF


    I would have said the same if I lost...well, maybe not THAT much but still.

    Days like these don't come along very often and those who can take advantage of them are all set.
  9. oh, uh....yeah i am still waiting for tws to load from 9.30. :D
  10. Bought some ProShares leveraged Diamonds yesterday at close. Now down 7%. :(
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