How'd you do Monday, October 13?

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How did you do today, October 13?

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  1. BEST DAY EVER! Columbus never saw this much money.

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  2. One of my best days, but not quite the best

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  3. Better than average, but not that great

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  4. Average. Call me Even Steven

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  5. Worse than average, but not that bad

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  6. One of my worst days ever, but not the worst

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  7. WORST DAY EVER. Call me dead meat.

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  1. You did not have to be Italian to enjoy this holiday: biggest rise point wise in history.

    How did you do? Take the poll.
  2. Got much closer to the surface from the hoe I dug for myself. :D

    Oh, and cried for being a numbnuts for getting myself into a hole in the first place. Patience is your friend; don't push it away. :cool:
  3. trader99


    One of my best days ever! I doubled my account today! Well, it's a small test account. Nevertheless, money is money. Had I had a bigger account then yes, it would have been some serious dough. Still, this is no chum change.

    I'm not bullish. Just trading and following the price actions and technicals. I wished I had short on the way down. That would have been even BIGGER pay days. I'm sure there will be other opportunities to be both long & shorts. I'm not sure why people here on ET are so adamant about their bullish/bearish views. Who cares?! I've learned it the hard way through my years of trading. Just trade whatever the market tells you to trade. Try not to be opinionated and you'll come out ahead. And use proper risk management.

    I'm glad I bought on Friday or technically Thursday night which is Friday in Japan. I was trading Nikkei futures.

    But it was still one scary ride, but from the charts I knew we were near the bottom(at least temporarily).

    Thanks Market for your 1000pts plus
    move today!


  4. I got donkey punched by the pull back in VLO off the open on some size for 10% of my acct and stopped out. Made it back + some rather quickly in FCX, but never regained my confidence.

    Should have been a gangbusters day, like 20- 30k ended up with a average gain.

    Watched VLO turn and never look back.

    Made me feel so used and dirrrrrty.

    LOL hope u all made mad cash. Friday was good for me.
  5. Thanks for voting.