How'd Everyone Do This Month?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by DrawDown, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. June.

    Here and gone.

    I had a major change in trading stategy so I moved a bunch of cash around, lost some (due to closing some positions in drawdown that I no longer was trading), made some (USD/JPY was my biggest money earner in June).

    Netted only about .5% gain on my overall cap due to the severe trading structure changes - for the best, though (I hope - haha). Ordering 1.5% of my cap in a check.

    Evened everything else out into my new trading strat. Trading about 10% of the time ("in the market") compared to what I used to trade.

    How'd everyone do? And, on what did you do it with?

  2. It sucked that bad, eh?

    Oh well, there's always July. :D

  3. rtb


    +649 pips. Not bad at all.
  4. I don't trade currencies but I had my best month in years trading Gold. Made over $14,000 this week alone.

    BTW, any thoughts on the New Currency EFT's offered thru the NYSE?


  5. i do do quite well, thank you :cool:
  6. mauzj


    Wow. Good skills. Do you trade intraday or longer term?

  7. Aaron


    +8.8% (after fees) on $2.7 million by swing trading nine different futures markets.

  8. I switched to live trading in the middle of the month and I had to make a few adjustments to my spreadsheet...It was very slow and I made meaningless money..

    I trade the same, but if you could see the numerous improvements to my spreadsheet, you would then say I had a very good June, but not moneywise.

    July will be better.

    Michael B.
  9. You paper trade 24 hours a day? You just started trading real money? How long have you been paper trading?

    That spreadsheet I have opened is all paper trades? WOW!
  10. June 06: + ~$28,000
    #10     Jul 2, 2006