Howcome CRAMER is not arrested?

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  1. It's old news, gone over ad nauseum right here for years.

    We also discussed the fact that the world came to an end 4 months ago, and expect it to become public knowledge sometime in 2011.
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    somebody got thrown under a bus, I wonder how much longer his show is still on tv.
  3. When Mad Money gets canceled I know the bottom is in.
  4. Not to worry. His days are numbered. So is CNBC for that matter. They've lost what little credibility they had before this fiasco.

    It's somewhat ironic that Rick Santelli, who I believe was the only voice of reason on that damn network, became the poster child of CNBC that ignited Stewart's ire.
  5. The only way to get anything done, is to put someone else in charge, it is painfully evident the SEc is nothing more than the foxes guarding the henhouse, but what the heck esle is new, it's only been going on for decades, what's another year or five, and another charlatan or two, same shit different year.

    No doubt the DNR could do a better job of it, and get it done in a timely manner at that.
  6. I'm wondering if Santelli had not backed-out of his original scheduled appearance on TDS if he might have held his own and ended it right there. Cramer folded like an accordion. Not sure who at CNBC thought he was the man to defend their network.
  7. Santelli's a bit of a loose cannon.. i doubt he woulda smiled and took it as Cramer did. maybe that was their reasoning...

    don't you think that played into it. the thought of Santelli 'goin off' on 'em.

  8. I don't think santelli backed out. CNBC told him not to go. the comment was "we're moving on."

    that being said, it does appear they asked Jimbo to go on and defend. And he really shit the bed. I mean, what was he to say? Seriously. Watch it, stop it after Stewart asks a question and makes a statement. It is indefensible conduct.

    Yeah. He's gone.Then, we can all move on.
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    Yup, Cramer shit in the bed. Best encapsulation I have seen. I wonder if he is the asshole at CNBC internally that he was at the Street and Cramer Berkowitz. I mean does he actually take orders from the editors?

    That said: Calling Mary Shapiro! Calling Mary Shapiro! Where are you! We're ready for your close up!
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