Howard Marks: The Winds of Change (Latest Memo)

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    Not a whole lot in his latest memo on his current positioning on markets. A lot of "we'll see" and "could be".

    • The investing environment has changed rapidly due to technology and will continue to create new paradigms
    • Technology has reduced the value of labor and government outlays can't take the place of jobs
    • People have gotten used to working from home, or have left the workforce due to lockdowns
    • The political enviornment has become increasingly polarized and often serve the fringes of the political spectrum
    • Boomers have been taking more than their fair share of the pie through spending and government programs.
    • The Fed is better off letting the market dictate interest rates
    • China is still in the midst of a transformation but will continue to grow faster than the rest of the world
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  2. Goes to show how challenging is the current environment is even for the better managers. Did you read his book?
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  3. Interesting. I suspected this was true.
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  4. I enjoyed the Most Important Thing, but haven't gotten around to reading his latest one.
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  5. SunTrader


    Spoken like 75yr old (boomer) true 0.1 percenter would:

    "Boomers have been taking more than their fair share ..."
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