Howard Dean and Jesus!

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    Presidential contender Howard Dean tells Thursday's BOSTON GLOBE that he's a 'committed believer in Jesus Christ' and he expects to increasingly include references to Jesus and God in upcoming speeches...
  2. get on your knees! pay homage to your CReaToR!! beG hIs ForgIVneSS!! [For What I hAve no IdEa :-/ ]
  3. *sighs*

    will the madness ever end :(
  4. When you were young
    And your heart was an open book
    You used to say live and let live
    You know you did
    You know you did
    You know you did
    But if this is ever changin' world
    In which we live in
    Makes you give in and cry
    Say live and let die!
    Live and let die

    What does it matter to ya
    When ya got a job to do ya got to do it well
    You got to give the other fella hell

  5. Maverick74 wrote:
    Maybe he means saying things like
    "Jesus H. Christ, George W. Bush is a bozo."
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  7. Dean has that fire and brimstone look of a fanatical Christian going for him.....

  8. And Bush has the look of a true believer in all his crowning glory.

    Should be a devil of a campaign......

  9. we definately need more choices this presidential election.


  10. Oh boy, you revealed your age!
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