How your city blindly gave Wall Street millions through trading.

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  1. More Leftist BS hogwash from academia...
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    The leftist machine at work. It's a war!
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    This piece is the first to the FTT. See how the mention "trading" as the culprit in the title. Look for another story from this UofMass teacher about how the FTT will right the wrongs and fix main street.
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    Leftists are just pissed because the American electorate is realizing that it's not a good idea to subsidize early retirements and pay for extremely generous salary/benefit/pension plans at the expense of their children and grandchildren.

    Now it's time to blame others for their gravy train coming to an end.
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    This is true and exciting. Seriously, regular joe blow six pack is starting to understand this insane corruption with public sector unions and democrats that has been a massive gravy train and voting machine for power for decades. It will all come crashing down soon. The fraud is exposed.

    You see the drop in union membership in WI when Walker passed the bill allowing for right to work? From 20-50% drop in union memberships. The left and the unions scumbags are on thin ice and only so much bullshit, lies, class warfare, racism they can spew will resonate with the hard working, private sector tax payer.
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    unions are capitalist formation. clearly corrupt beyond a joke like the whole system.

    which will violently blow up <20 yrs
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    Difference between public and private sector unions.

    Public sector unions and democrats have been in a circle jerk for decades. Unions give them money and votes in exchange for unreal salary and benefits. If this was going on in the private sector at the scale it has been in the public sector, we would need to build more prisons.

    Private sector unions serve a better purpose and deals a balance of power that seems to shift every few decades.

    Remember, there wouldn't be a democratic party WITHOUT union corruption, class warfare, racism and guberment handouts and now illegal immigration votes. It is all for the elite leftist power to control everyone.
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    can anyone explain to me a purpose of public sector unions? what they unite against? looks like against us, the taxpayers,guys who pays their salaries. how is this even possible that they have unions?

    i just don't get it..
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