How young is too young...?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maharaja, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Damn chicks...I'd say 3 years younger is too young.
  2. To young to what?
  3. Date
  4. Now by date do you mean "date" as in, 'Hey honey ya looking for a date?" or "date" as in 'Would you like to go to dinner and then take a long walk on the beach?"
  5. wow, i am not like that at all.

    i try not to use age, only for government purposes. why give people something to stereotype you with? i know i've had stereotypes about people of different ages.

    michael douglas is 25 years older than catherine zeta jones. way to go, michael. true inspiration!
  6. The latter.
  7. I think it probably depends on how old you are. If you are reaching 50, then 40 isn't that bad, but when you are 30, then dating someone at 20 is kinda wierd...

    I'm asking b/c I just turned 22 a week ago, and I met this chick (simply amazing...) that is 19... too young?
  8. I get carded all the time....I used to hate it, until I turned about 23...then I started to love it. Of course I've been told I look a lot younger than I actually am but my guess is that they take into consideration my mental maturity....or lack there of.....
  9. I don't think you have to curse the chicks, it's not their fault you can't get it up.

    For me there is no "younger age limit" only legal age.

    That's because I'm a macho stud, have a hard-on constantly, and can outphuck any female on the planet 10:1.

    If you doubt that just look at my signature.

  10. dude, if you're 22 and are hesitating over a 19 year old, imo, there is seriously something wrong! :p
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