How You Make Money Trading Forex

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  1. In my desperate search for the winning wisdom in forex trading, I have spent fortunes in acquisition of knowledge from many experts on the trade, I have paid hundreds of dollars to purchase so many information, my library is loaded with brain of forex traders in black and white, some are very informative and helpful and few are so irrelevant, after several months of research and demo trading in various platforms I graduated from a novice to an upgraded forex trader and today I can say I have climbed up the ladder of forex trading faster than I thought I would, making good money and having lost some that has made me better forex trading coach and entrepreneur today. My greatest joy in online business is my ability to be able to help others mine the Internet wealth without stress.
    To become a profitable and reliable forex resource expert and trader it’s very expensive and very costly. Most resource books and e-books on this trade are not too easy to come by. Please tell how can learn the forex trading that can make me rich.?
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    you are not American are you ???

    I only help yanks

    I am not a bloody yank either

    but like I said, I only help them.

    this above what I just wrote

    it doesn't make sense does it.

    well now think about trading forex
    can you think of something that doesn't make sense

    well can you

    if you can, good, now go try it

    you should be very excited


    (if you don't understand the meaning of my post, you should not be in this business)
  3. Your post was no less self-contradictory the first time around, and an obvious question remains unanswered.
  4. Thanks for the information. I found very useful information in the e-book “Trading Machine” by Avi Frister. Very informative and I think best for the beginners.
    Thanks again.
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    Your problem is : trying to get rich trading forex

    concentrate in your setups. Master your strategy and money will follow. Those who come to this business with the idea of making a fortune are doomed to fail, I guarantee that.

    seems like you're in the process of searching for the truth Maybe you're still looking for a system who can put you ahead consistently. It takes time, doesn't come overnigth. Courses, books, seminars etc are good for the ones who makes them.

    1) It's their system. They create it, master it

    2) They're making money off it.

    Stop searching for the holy grail. Listen closely: you're going to lose money in this business. Your job is to preserve your capital. The trick is to get ahead more often than not.
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    You have done your homework correct. Be patient; with experience you will begin to earn money in no time at all. I wish you best of luck!
  7. I don't think you've studied anything. I don't think you've spent hundreds of dollars purchasing anything. I don't think you have the knowledge you speak of. You know why?

    Because you won't be asking this question ;)
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    In an a few words. Buy something in right time and then sell it in right time. To do that you need to have knowledge, information, news, trends, indicators etc...
  9. so why you dont build your own forex related business
    to make money from forex you can be an Introducing Broker (IB) website and build your own business with low starting capital
    If you become an IB , you can help others too, by providing good educational materials,

    So if you starting your own IB business you need to compare IB's Commisions between one brokers with others,
    do some research about brokers credibility, are they mess with their clients if they are too much profitable ?like holding withdraw, cancel profit, restrict trading strategy

    and dont forget about brokers popularity in your country
    in my country, most popular retail brokers are : hotforex, FXprimus, Instaforex,Tickmill, and Octafx
    and after that compare the commisions per lot you will recieve,
    and dont forget,choose broker that IB's friendly, which means never cancel hard earned IB;s commisions