How You Make Money Trading Forex

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  1. In my desperate search for the winning wisdom in forex trading, I have spent fortunes in acquisition of knowledge from many experts on the trade, I have paid hundreds of dollars to purchase so many information, my library is loaded with brain of forex traders in black and white, some are very informative and helpful and few are so irrelevant, after several months of research and demo trading in various platforms I graduated from a novice to an upgraded forex trader and today I can say I have climbed up the ladder of forex trading faster than I thought I would, making good money and having lost some that has made me better forex trading coach and entrepreneur today. My greatest joy in online business is my ability to be able to help others mine the Internet wealth without stress.
    To become a profitable and reliable forex resource expert and trader it’s very expensive and very costly. Most resource books and e-books on this trade are not too easy to come by. Please tell how can learn the forex trading that can make me rich.?
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    If having the concrete signals for a profitable FX system,
    would you apply them consequently to the market over a long time?
  3. First, try to earn money from stock market first.
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    Answer: Become a broker-dealer.
  7. Short USD/JPY about 8 hours ago.