How You Make Money Trading Forex

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  1. In my desperate search for the winning wisdom in forex trading, I have spent fortunes in acquisition of knowledge from many experts on the trade, I have paid hundreds of dollars to purchase so many information, my library is loaded with brain of forex traders in black and white, some are very informative and helpful and few are so irrelevant, after several months of research and demo trading in various platforms I graduated from a novice to an upgraded forex trader and today I can say I have climbed up the ladder of forex trading faster than I thought I would, making good money and having lost some that has made me better forex trading coach and entrepreneur today. My greatest joy in online business is my ability to be able to help others mine the Internet wealth without stress.
    To become a profitable and reliable forex resource expert and trader it’s very expensive and very costly. Most resource books and e-books on this trade are not too easy to come by. Please tell how can learn the forex trading that can make me rich.?
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    If anybody of your teachers are actually making money using their system you are on the top.
    But, let say you have invented something 'GREAT' what makes your trades to be 80-90% profitable then you should sit and SLICE THE MONEY buy managing your own account or creat fund to provide acc.managemet and not share your system with will be your secret, isnt it? Have you heard about teacher whose students became super reach?
    For me if you are sharing your system with others by teaching them what to do (chargeable or not) it means you are not sure in your system and you just making "MONEY" not from FX just from future traders

    GL & GT
  3. Time in the market is the only way to learn to trade forex.
    Most successful traders spend heaps on education only to find there is no Holy Grail .. other than learning Money Management.

    If you trade small, set your stops, and look for base hits instead of home runs - 20 pip wins instead 100 pips then you will be around longer. THen when you understand how currency markets work you can develop your own trading system that suits yourself.
  4. I agree.
    I had an acquaintance who had a goal of 10 pips a day.
    If he got lucky and had 50 by Wednesday, he took the rest of the week off.

    As far as I know, he is still trading.

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    Currently in the forex world these are the systems attracting the newbies..


    The first two are hedge system trading. The last one is a pivot break out system. Of the three, the last would have longest life expectations, the first two is require living thru very deep drawdowns. Make your owm mind up ...
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    You will not like my advise BUT if you take it you will be forever thankful.

    Forget the forex markets for now.

    Trading is all about finding the best setups with the highest probabilities.

    30 pairs vs 3000 stocks ???

    Were do you think you will find more trades that have the best possible chance to move in your selected criteria?

    After a few years in stocks if you still need to trade the forex you can give it a try if you have a desire for pain.
  7. Which one is it?