how you know Gold is NOT a bubble

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  1. No one owns it. Its not like tech stocks and 401K's which exposed everyone to equities.

    I was at a Stag in Vegas this weekend and there were 30 guys from all over the world in the penthouse. Lawyers, doctors, professionals. Only 2 of us held some physical gold and silver. The rest had none.

    NOT a bubble.
  2. Gold is as close to a purely speculative "asset" as there is in this world. It is in a bubble at virtually any price.
  3. Nonsense. Its not even close to bubble status and its not a speculative asset in non leveraged form. Its a hedge which no one owns.
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    Do you know how I know gold IS a bubble? Because there's now an official "gold is NOT a bubble" thread on ET.
  5. How many of them owned crude oil in the Summer 2008? It still imploded 70%.

    Knowing something is a bubble or not doesn't give you much of an edge trading it. A simple stop on the way up and down is much more effective than trying to decipher crowd psychology IMO.
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    The answer is actually very simple. As long as gold goes up as much as the dollar weakens, it is not in a bubble. When it still keeps going up, inspite of the dollar getting stronger then the bubble occurs...
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    "As much as"? What's the exact correlation between them and how do I know if it's going up "as much as" or "more than"?
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    Good question. I usually don't watch them closely, but to get the correlation, try to pick a period when neither was moving based on news or other fundamentals. I will take a look later...

    Edit: A quick look if I got that right shows, that based on the last 2 weeks movement Gold dropped ~8% while the dollar went up 4% thus the correlation is 2% move for every 1 % dollar move, assuming in the last 2 weeks all the gold's move was because of the strengthening dollar.
  9. Yes but no average investor buys crude oil as a hedge against disaster. That's what you need to own precious metals as a hedge against. A little Tylenol never hurt and most don't have it. When they all have it, then it'll be spec excess.
  10. If it were a bubble, just any old crap bullion coins and small bars would be scarce. As it is, only the top quality are scarce now.
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