How you guys do with NFP?

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  1. That first spike put me in the negative a little bit, but I traded my way to profitability. Made twice what i made yesterday so its a good day today. Left alot of money on the table with gold as i sold at 1096.45 and bought back at 1093 then watched it drop to 1086ish :( But got back in at 1088 and sold at 1091.

    Did well on the Eur/usd and the Jpy/usd too! I think i wish every day was a news day like the last two days.

  2. +112 (40+72 later), like candy from a baby wasn't it, I couldn't click fast enough!

    Lots of Oanda tax (slippage) trading the first spike but who cares....:)
  3. +161 for me! :) Yesterday I only got +82, so today was really nice for me. :) Im seriously thinking about taking the rest of the day off. LOL
  4. Good job!

    Yep, take the rest of the year off, leave a few pips for the rest of us! :)
  5. craig


    I personally don't trade NFP. My positions are based off of dailies and i generally ignore it all together as i do with all news.

    I just trade the chart in front of me and filter out the rest.
  6. 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' as they say (with some obvious exceptions of course!) :)

    This NFP there were some great technical levels hit in shorter time frames, even ignoring news would/could/should have put a TA trader in some nice trades, unless he purposely avoids data releases altogether.
  7. I got whipsawed pretty bad in FX on the release , made some going long equities later after the open.

  8. I called my broker and told him cabletrader said to execute trades when "great technical levels are hit in shorter time frames". He didn't share your view about trading on "great technical levels hit in shorter time frames." He wanted me to be more specific and give him an actual price.
  9. lol....huh :confused:

    Oh I get it, you were copying what I said in this post!

    "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" - Charles Caleb Colton - (1780 -1832)

    But prices, yep, all the prices I traded at are on the blotters in this post if you really need to see them!

    The rat got the cheese and the pirate milked the cow! :D
  10. Flattery? Not at all, cabletrader. Since you have a hard time understanding me, I thought using your own words would make it easier for you to understand my message.

    I see you have learned how to look up quotes and copy/paste, too. Good for you.
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