How you deal with the Stress and Anxiety?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bat1, May 4, 2013.

  1. bat1


    The Stress on your body from trading thousands of dollars a day
    and making mistakes that cost money must age the body by 40
    years I'm sure..then you still got to worry about the I.R.S and Taxes and on top of it all the there talking about a new transaction Tax
    on the hill ...


    My Anxiety levels and gone though the roof the last few months
    and Tuesday I'm seeing a doctor my neck seems to be getting
    swollen and I seem to get heartburn very easy these days and I can't sleep well..need to always keep checking the markets.
  2. I have no stress, ice in my veins. After all, it's only money.
  3. You mean ice water, not ice.

  4. gkishot


    Rule #1: Don't trade more than you can't afford to lose. And remember, chronic stress kills. Next things you might expect are lower back pain and arthritis.
  5. Handle123


    Sounds like your positions are too large, cut back till it is much less. Take some out of your trading account and buy some annulities. I always buy a few gold coins each month for past 30 years, dollar cost averaging.

    You can't change what is in other people's hands. I have been hearing about different taxes for 35 years, there are always loopholes. You just learn to adapt and work around it. Move to a income tax free state, that can save to you a bunch too. I love California, but not going to let them nail me for 10%?

    Take a vacation for a month.
  6. get a government job.

    110,000 a year. 11 weeks vacation. never work more than 40 hours a week. impossible to get fired. good benefits, retirement.


    if you can't beat are failing as a trader. and that is why you are stressed.
  7. ammo


    80 % of the stuff we worry about never happens,so right there you can cut out 4 out of every 5 things you are worrying about,look on a globe and try to find the faulklands,now try to find your house,yourself,your neighborhood,the neighbor who hasn't returned your lawnmower,can't find any of those,well they must not be as important in the big picture as you think,what he thinks ,or you, doesn't really matter in the larger scheme of things,sun will be up tomorrow,rain ,snow will come and go,we are all just a miniscule part of a big planet,which is miniscule in a big universe,we are like one grain of sand on all of the worlds beaches,so throw out all your me based beliefs and go with the flow,can't beat ,join it,or tell the busdriver to stop here,you want to get off..if your symptoms are possibly chemicaly based,you could look into a healthy diet,give the body and brain only what they need and cut out all the toxins, get some daily muscle use for all groups and see what's needed after that
  8. Kickboxing training is a great stress reliever, keeps you from getting fat, and your trading stress is outstanding fuel for hitting the bagz.....

    I've been out for a couple weeks because I hurt my arm during some wrestling drills, and the anxiety is killing me!

    :mad: :eek: :(

    Road cycling is another good one, or weight lifting.
  9. bat1


    Going though a divorce is not helping the matter also..

    I went from a 5 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom apt
    and now I'm living alone too....

    Thanks for the tips guys, let's see what the doctor says

    Guess I need to get a dog:D to keep me company
  10. gkishot


    I hope your doctor is going to tell you that you need to deal with the root of your problem - anxiety. But i doubt it somehow.
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