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    IMHO, how about right below the the line you've drawn?
    If you want to give yourself a little more slack how about the low/open of the day that popped in early August? That way it looks like you still have a good 3:1 reward/risk if it gets back to the top of the channel.

    Just my $.02.

  3. I noted the past four trades to get a handle
  4. Here is a set up and the stops you need for first three days.
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    Cool charts. How do you know the trend will start on tuesday?
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    He's not saying the trend will start. He's depicting how you would apply the offset stop he's detailed if and when the trend were to start.
  7. I used the daily to estimate (See the green Stocastics vertical bars on the 50% rise. It tays "overbought" for the whole traverse. It will happen soon; either end of week is not likely, I feel.

    If you pick it off within a day of the next traverse of your IT trend channel beginning. It will turn out nicely anyway.

    There are stocks like your popping every day. Fun chart to work on.
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    5.75. A notch above the previous significant high.
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    Interesting.. you would short this? Probably if the trendline breaks?
  10. This issue looks like it is weakening to me.

    If it pulls up slightly and shallow, looking like a weak pullback, a short might be a play here.

    I'll try to get a chart posted later.
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