How would you test for trendiness?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jerryz, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Say you have a set of prices, how would you define and test for trendiness?

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    elaborate a little, please.
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    let me ask in another way.

    how would you determine whether one market is more or less trendy than the other? how do you quantify that?
  4. For some traders, I think perhaps we could suggest them to test for tenderness first, as I have been told many tender traders recongise trends better than others. :cool:
  5. print chart, tape it to the wall, walk to the other side of the room... if you looks up, up... if looks down, down... if you can't tell it's sideways. As per Ed Seykota.
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    Simple, just draw trendlines. Connect highs and lows.

    Trendlines are by far the most reliable S/R levels I've seen.
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    i think you guys are answering a different question. i'm not asking about how to find a trend or how to catch a trend.

    i am looking for a statistical measure or something similar. how would you measure whether one market is more or less trendy than the other?
  8. Perhaps also try a fairly popular alternative: Throwing the charts on a floor in the center randomly, walk around them clockwise and then counterclockwise ...
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    OK, try ADX.
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    maybe someone else will know what i'm getting at...
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