how would you sell a working system, if you had a better one

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  1. I have a pretty good forex system

    I don't use it, I trade futures.

    but how would you go about selling it to one or two clients without giving it away

    if I were to show statements and historic trades to someone, buyer would figure it out and not buy

    and of course no one would buy unproven system

    I know I wouldn't, so how could I prove it and sell it

    if I sign a paper with my buyer and tell him in order to prove this system I will take your 20 k and double it in 4 months
    guaranteed !!!!!!!!!

    again once buyer sees the trades he doesn't have to buy

    does this perhaps mean that system is un-sellable
  2. Do you have any friends or family that you can trust that would trade it for you....I assume you do not have the time? How the heck could you trade Forex in the US market when you got some quick moving futures leverage on?

    I know you are a trader and not a vendor and your question is sincere.
    (I am familiar with your posts)

    Michael B.
  3. you are correct ElectricS I don't have the time.

    I have friends I do not trust, please don't draw me into philosophical discussion regarding if they are then friends :)

    my family is to be honest, market dumb, and would not trade anything

    so no I have no one to do it for me
  4. No sir. I would never do that. I understand. (well if I was bored maybe :))

  5. it does not take a genius to reverse-engineer systems....just experience...your problem presents possible solutions that are rather perplexing...

    You must alter the systems to work together...and trade them yourself...(you obviously do not need the money)Diversification...Diversification...Diversification...
  6. it will be interesting to see if someone comes up with solution

    I don't mind saying that I have high opinion of ET crowed

    I personally read all posts of SeasonedPro

    he knows what he is talking about

    there are many others

    PS: problem with putting it on collective2 is they make history available
  7. well you know what I could do, I could trade forex 2 days per week, Monday and Tuesday

    but I hate doing it like that, I hate doing things half way.
  8. Whatever you do...take a lot of money for your system...there are escrow accounts available for you to put up some contingencies...(beware of which escrow company you consider though)

    Perhaps you would need to monitor your buyer and have a scheduled release of payments as he progresses...

    Institutions, prop shops and hedge funds will eat you up and spit you you know.

    I am a systems developer and simply have given it up..I trade my own money now...

    these are my opinions though...others may have a different "slice of life"...

    My biggest obsticle is that I am a creative person and grow bored...much, much too quickly.

    Michael B.
  9. yes that might be the right way, escrow account

    by the way, let me ask you just as a sort of side question

    here in Canada, there is a comm agency sort of like offshoot of NSA

    I would really like to work for them at some point. Do you think that if I were to show them a really good way to subsidize their financing with international currency trading project

    that I could get a decent job there

    just an idea what do you think.??
  10. To be honest...I would remain an asked...

    They only give you 5%...eventhough you trade millions, I prefer to do it with less but with more...compounding is a fricken amazing thing...

    Just work your ass off and trade both of em'... see you at the Bill Gates Country Club (Hamptons) can do it :)

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