How Would You Run American government

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  1. If you were Benevolent Dictator of the USA (unfettered by Congress), what changes would you make, especially with regards to things like:

    Government Spending & Budget Deficit

    Trade Deficit & Offshoring of American services & manufacturing

    Why we need four levels of government (town, county, state, federal)

    Unions/Big Business

    Personal liberty vs. National Security

    Inefficencies like Daylight Savings Time or Federal/State redistribution of monies

    Minority group issues vs. Majority interest

    Pork Barrel/Earmarks, Funding of Arts/Sciences/Agriculture/etc.
  2. Good question. I have often thought about that very thing.

    There is only one thing I would do. I would simulate darwinian evolution by sterilizing all the stupid, defective people. After a few generations, I think we would see a measurable positive improvement in the human race.
  3. I don't know how you would go about sterilizing stupids, but if you mean the best, most efficient and fun way; you would see a measurable loss in the US population
  4. My someone help me to translate it to English?

    bleibt in der Nähe vom Stern