How would you react to wedging gold?

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Crazy or not?

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  1. Your nuts! Here is a dollar and go away

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  2. I can see it happen but on the other hand I cannot

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  3. You are the second coming!

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  1. After a second wedge in gold with in a short time period, what is the USD pairs to do?

    Is there another massive leg up from gold in the near future or are we topping off finally??

    I think there is another leg up since gold looks like it is forming a very bullish elliot wave pattern. Expect a decent pull back in the near future, probably from the "expected" need of dollar strength by Asian countries. Then a bull run in gold in the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 when the market becomes suspicious of a real recovery.

    Gold 1200 may not be a pipe dream.

    *remember I am a short-term trader/scalper trying to figure out the macro view
    **in no way should you consider what I post the truth
    ***oh btw I got the recent 4 hour gold whip between the wedge lines .. short at top cover bottom .. long at bottom close in the middle
    ****crazy huh, but just playing the wedge :D
  2. Is there anything more frustrating than a tight ranging market especially with a huge spread in gold???
  3. ok this thread is useless because the gold wedge is finally broken ... I blame Russia for the break down

    announcing they are selling 20 to 50 tons of gold is kind of weird
  4. How would YOU react to a wedgie???

  5. man it looks like a young derek jeter is ripping your nuts apart