How would you play todays events tomorrow morning?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by romanvm, Feb 27, 2007.

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    any thoughts are welcome...
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    I'm probably going to sit and watch for the first 30-45 minutes to see how the cards fall, then pick my plays. I'm not going to try and play any predictions as thats gambling in my books. Either way I'm pretty sure there will be enough volatility to capture some nice intra-day moves.
  3. Turn on computer.

    Hit "Go"!

  4. haha i was just looking for strength in the indexes which i always do on huge don days but the stocks that did the best were still down big time, i guess try to find some strength and watch it on the open

    youll see it going up crazy if its something you wanna be in on
    im gonna max my buying power out and buy evertything and cross my fingers :p

    in case you cant tell im being sarcastic

    lets start posting some strength on here to look for tomorrow
  5. I'll let you know tomorrow morning. :D
  6. MattF


    definitely going to watch the open a bit first...of course if it decides to take off again I'm jumping
  7. Try not to dive in the second you see green. After hours profiteers will be dumping against the grain, and those that take the bait will suffer heavy losses. Come 4 pm, the markets will be as red as Communist China.

  8. lol i like the analogoy perfect given the situation:D

    here is 4 that should be good tomorrow morning watch the price action though these are 5 -10 minute scalps like calscholar said you dont wanna hold this just watch for crazy up action and get in and out for free money.

    radio shack RSH

    remember for ma and pop investor this news is just hitting them tonight so tomorrow it could be ugly right off the bat, watch the futures if they are selling off hard all bets are off
  9. Look at the long term chart.

  10. In my experience ma and pa investors will not dump on a one day drop..even one this big. They look at long term. Ive talked to some today and they said it was a buying opportunity!

    I would agree that futures in the morining and not trading the first 30 min are the way to go.

    I also agree that end of the day will see red.

    Im playing RIMM, AVY, MCD, CMI
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