how would you execute this order? IB

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by shovel52, Dec 29, 2006.

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    Ok I found the answer to my last thread. The exchanges do not
    accept market orders. IB would have to simulate a market order,
    which takes time therefore a fill would be delayed. Limit orders
    are executed immediately.

    If anyone is versed at the TWS, could you please show me how to execute this order? example

    I want to place a buy limit at 10.50. at that time I wish to place
    a sell stop(protective stop) at 10.00 and If the trade advances
    I would like to place a sell stop(target) at 11.00. if this terminology is right, could someone explain how this would be
    punched in on the TWS? THANKS AGAIN John
  2. click on the order line--ask/lmt-u buy the stock. click on the order line again--ask/lmt u place your bracket--click again on the line--bid/stp-u place your stop. then you click transmit page and you're done. of course u can do it with oca orders if u want everything done and sent at once immediately. check config--orders--activate oca.
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    you just put in your order to buy at 10.50 and you attach a bracket order to it. The stop you put in at 10.00, your target at 11. It's that simple.
  4. i think he knew that already.:D
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    well maybe then he should have read the manual :confused:

  6. that's for sure, ror.
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    Thanks Bitstream and all, Very well described!