How would you design it?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Boomer, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Boomer


    If you were going to become a full time trader, what would your setup be?

    I am starting to research going into this full time. (Trading primarily ES)

    Anything else...
  2. broker IB, they are fine, e signal charts is OK

    a lets see what else, edge, oh yeah you definitely need that one, and it will be yours make no mistake you just need 4 -5 years of study

    may you have what it takes :)
  3. sorry but I gotta be brutally honest with ya, you came in 2002, now its 2008

    and you are only now looking into what you need and asking basic questions

    if you want to compete with pretty capable folks like me, you will need to do much better.

    like I said, sugarcoating it will only hurt you
  4. Iepstein or IB - I USE IB as my main. TOS is my current backup. I am considering moving over to iEpstein as my 2nd broker.

    Mac User here. Current setup is very simple....
    I use Amibroker. I;d like tog et my head around OpenQunat or Traderstudio when it goes Realtime. There is alao a version of QST trader on theway out supporting IB. After I demo it, if it is good, I may use it.

    So in short... IB with TWS, AMibroker via VMWare's Fusion on my Mac.

    At least 2 different internet connections.... Nothing like connection insurance. It's cheap.