How would ya dunnit?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by doncarlosx, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. In the interest of self-improvement, my intent is to post random shots. What I want is someone else's take on a static setup so that I get fresh perspective rather than going around in circles.

    If you're up to it, call a trade and explain why.

    If you want, afterwards I'll explain what I did and why (or lack of why =D).
  2. ammo


    this is the 3rd time up to this tl,and the lower tl is 1344,above is 1415,my guess and that's all it is ,is thhat we will pull back on monday and sometime in the middle of the week eng will cut their int rate, that will be good for the dollar, oil will pull back below 100, and the spus will go to 1415, so my trade would be by the apr 138 spy put at 2.65 let the mrkt pull back get long the spus just before that 1344 #, reverse my puts around 5.50 and get flat everything around 1415