how would we trade this X factor

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    "Most troubling, the officials said, were indications that al-Qaida may already possess a radiological weapon, or so-called “dirty bomb.” They did not elaborate.

    Experts said a potent dirty bomb could spread radioactive material for a half-mile in all directions. People in the fallout zone would be bombarded with radiation levels that they would not otherwise be exposed to from natural sources for a full year.

    While it may not particularly deadly, the psychological impact of a dirty bomb could be devastating, experts said."

    Here is a X factor, the market has shrugged off plenty of scares in the past year I wonder if we would shrug this off as well if it happened.

    IMHO...I dont think so, infact i highly doubt terrorism is "built" into the market. I think its the old head in the sand and pretend it doesnt exist method that has helped to shrug off threats.