How would I analyze this?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by katiewc, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. katiewc


    Does anyone know how to analyze this in excel, or a program?
    Or if someone can write me a program I would be willing to pay.

    Basically I have a lot of data in excel format on the open and close of a number of trading days (over 1000). I am trying to find how often this stock has moved up (for example) 5 dollars without a retracement of $1. Anyone know how to do this in Excel or any other program? Any help appreciated. thanks!
  2. Occam


    To do this in Excel, you would probably need to learn something called Visual Basic. I wouldn't bother paying someone else to do something this simple, as you'll likely change your mind about what precisely it is you want to ask with respect to these data.

    Google "Visual Basic" to find various examples, etc. Or buy a book on the topic -- there are many.

    Or if you want to learn a more advanced/modular language, try "C#" or "Visual C++".

  3. you can add a series of columns with IF statements to find a string of "true" values
  4. I assume you got a hold of the answer that was posted for free in the other thread where you posted the same question?